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About me (EN)

Info about me
Name: PD4BAS
Active since: 1995
Licensed: 2005
Active bands: 70cm, 2m, 10m, 11m, 20m en 40m band
Active modes: FM, USB, LSB en DIGI
 pd4bas floodex

My shack
TRX 1: Yaesu FT-897D All mode
TRX 2: Icom IC-E2820D (D-star)
RX: Yaesu VR-5000 All mode
PC: Acer aspire one laptop for ham software with USB Digibox 3 by PE2RMI
Other: MFJ Voice Keyer, Kent CW Paddle

My antennas
Ant 1: Diamond X200N (VHF en UHF)
Ant 2: Diamond X30N (VHF en UHF)
Ant 3: Diamond Discone (RX)
Ant 4: G5RV Junior (HF)
Mobile station
TRX1: Yaesu FT-7800
TRX2: Yaesu RTL-2007 (Aprs, 144.800)
ANT 1: Diamond NR770R (for APRS)
ANT 2: Diamond NR7700 (for FT-7800)
ANT 3: JWX 2m and 70cm for D-Star portable radio
Portable radio 1: Icom IC-92D (2m and 70cm)
Portable radio 2: Yaesu VX-2 (2m and 70cm)
Portable radio 3: Alan Midland 42 Multi (11m)

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